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External link: Midnight Sun | Iceland

In my preparations to upcoming trip to Iceland for a dozen days starting on Jul 29, I’ve found the following beautiful time-lapse video of Iceland views created by Joe Carpa / SCIENTIFANTASTIC. He made an amazing work, thanks to him, we may just enjoy the result.
Rem: if you’re will be in Iceland during those days, let’s get in touch 🙂

Midnight Sun | Iceland from SCIENTIFANTASTIC on Vimeo.


Books: Posing, gestures etc

I’d been trying to find any usefull book about posing in photography (how to place a model, her gestures, eyes etc). Unfortunately almost all books which I found were quite useless: most of them were just a catalogue of poses without explanation what is better and for what purpose. Moreover most of them contained images of bad quality and quite old-fashion in total (from 70s or 80s).
Occasionally I have found two books (thanks to friend of mine, you’re the best)

External link: Silver&Light

Amazing works, at least they are amazing in their technical implementation. Men like big things but this is hardly applicable here 🙂

SILVER & LIGHT from Ian Ruhter / Alchemist on Vimeo.